Meet & greet mornings

We know you’ll want your dog to be happy on their holiday.
A meet & greet will help us know if we can ensure your dog will be content to stay with us as it is a big ask for adult dogs to adapt to a new environment away from their owners.


That’s why we require that all* dogs do a 2-hour familiarisation & assessment before their first boarding experience is confirmed.
* (The exception to this is if you live more than 2 hours away from us)



DROP OFF: 9am: we will introduce your dog to our property’s fun features and assess the best accommodation for their needs.

PICK UP: 10.45am just before our front gates close for the morning at 11am.

MEET & GREET DAYS: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Please allow 2-3 weeks for an appointment.

COST: $40 for small dogs (up to 12 kg), $45 for all other dogs. Discount for more than one dog.

ON PICK UP: We will discuss the options we believe are best for your dog. Often dogs will be fine after this time. Some will not and we will advise you if your dog needs another day’s famil, or if they are just not suited to boarding.


We will only board your pet if we believe they will be comfortable & content during their stay. This is why they call us ‘The happiest place on earth!’


If your pet has been through our early puppy socialisation programme or has been crate trained before 12 weeks of age, they are more likely to be able to adapt and enjoy boarding.

Boarding is not guaranteed until your dog has completed the famil/assessment.

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