Puppy Playdays

Wingham Pet Motel Puppy Playdays – first day FREE!

If your puppy experiences all that life has to throw at them before they are 16 weeks old, they will grow up to be friendly with other dogs, have much less chance of behavioural problems and very few hang-ups – imagine that!

We have been socialising puppies for 5 years with amazing results.

The window of opportunity for socialising puppies is short and life is busy, so we are here to help you give your puppy all the experiences they need during this vital time.


Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Other days by arrangement. Book here.

What can I expect on my pup’s first day?

Once you’ve arranged a day and time for your first free visit, you’ll bring your pup up to our home. We will have a chat, show you around and if you feel comfortable, you can leave your dog either just for the morning or for the whole day.

We will assess your dog and if ready to be mixed, we’ll match him or her with another nice, gentle dog. We won’t put your pup in situations they’re not comfortable and they’ll be mixed in very small groups.

Your small pup will come into our home for lunch and snooze time as we know the importance of sleep time as well as play time https://beacondogtraining.com.au/blog/how-much-sleep-do-puppies-need

When you return, you can watch your pup playing with all their little friends!

Drop off from 8am-11am, Pick up at 4pm-5.45pm – if you can let us know your arrival time we will be ready for you.


Puppies and dogs a week after they’ve had their second vaccination.

How much?

FREE first day for puppies aged 11 to 16 weeks.

A three-day pass is $90 – you can use your three days any time

We are committed to a helping our community have safe and well socialised dogs with few behavioural problems.

What else should I know about my puppy?

Puppy Playdays are not intended to replace your vet’s puppy schools – the more good experiences your pup has early the better.

Check out That Dog Geek for their amazing puppy info and videos. Find more at: https://www.beacondogtraining.com.au/thatdoggeek

A big thanks to That Dog Geek for permission to share their videos & graphics.

Puppy Playdays Booking Enquiry

Click the link below to make an enquiry for your puppy to attend our Puppy Playdays!

Puppy Playdays Enquiry