Puppy Playdays

Wingham Pet Motel Puppy Playdays

If your puppy experiences all that life has to throw at them before they are 16 weeks old, they will grow up to be friendly with other dogs, have much less chance of behavioural problems and very few hang-ups – imagine that!

We have been socialising puppies for 5 years with amazing results.

The window of opportunity for socialising puppies is short and life is busy, so we are here to help you give your puppy all the experiences they need during this vital time.

Puppy Playdays Information


Every day, book here.
Drop off at 8am-11am, Pick up at 4pm-6pm.


Puppies and dogs with minimum second vaccination.

How much?

FREE for puppies aged 11 – 14 weeks.
Dogs over 14 weeks: $40 for one day, $50 for two days. $60 for three days.

We are committed to a helping our community have safe and well socialised dogs with few behavioural problems.

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