About Wingham Pet Motel

Ros, Mike and their Fur Babies

Ros & Mike are totally dedicated to the well-being of the animals in their care. Their interest in animal behaviour has helped them create a rich environment for boarding dogs, with comfort & safety the priority – as well as plenty of enrichment & fun.

About Ros

  • Former Editor Dog’s Life magazine
  • Kennel attendant for Guide Dogs at the Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind
  • Coordinator and trainer of volunteers at Peninsula Animal Aid Shelter, Queensland
  • After three decades working with the often heartbreaking situations of rescue dogs, Ros is now trying to reduce the large number of surrendered dogs by encouraging early puppy socialisation and owner education and training.

In her spare moments, she enjoys doing clicker training and dance routines with her Hungarian Vizsla Boris Barcutan.

Professional development

To keep up with scientific advances in dog behaviour and training, Ros & Mike regularly engage in continuing education. Too many to list but here are a few recent workshops, webinars and conferences:


Socialization: Raising Bold & Resilient Learners for Life, Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Desensitisation & Counter Conditioning Course, Nancy Tucker, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Train this First – The shortlist for your new puppy – Julie Daniels

The Developmental Stages of Puppies – Eve Laforest

Adolescent behaviour and development – Chris Pachel

Come! The Art & Science of Recall Training – Chrissi Schranz

Capturing Behaviour – Michele Pouliot

Magic Mat Training with Julie Daniels Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

FDSA & IAABC’s The Lemonade Conference

The ABC’s of Animal Training and Behavior. Eduardo Fernandez PhD PPG


Puppy Schools Essentials seminar Dr Jen Nesbitt-Hawes BVSc (Hons) MVSt (Wild Med) MANZCVS (Vet Behaviour), Sydney

Learning About Learning with Dr Susan Friedman & Peta Clark – 4 day workshop Riverwood Downs

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference, Hunter Valley, NSW


About Mike

Mike is so passionate about dogs having fun, he can motivate even the most lethargic and emotionally damaged pet to play! He is devoted to making sure people are really ready to become dog owners, and even encourages pet owners to consider responsibly re-homing if they realise they are too busy to give their dog what it needs.

Mike is the Kennel Manager for the large dogs, devoted cat and rabbit and guinea pig carer, as well as taking care of the computer geek stuff and the maintenance on the property. In his past life, he was Mike was a Railway Engineer and then Head Chef in two London restaurants.

Ros and Mike have 18 fur babies of their own, two Hungarian Vizslas (one rescued), a Miniature Dachshund called Maggie, a Maine Coon, a rescued tabby cat as well as rescued chooks and sheep, which are trained just like the dogs!

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