About Wingham Pet Motel

Wingham Pet Motel is owned and operated by Rosalind Walker and her team of experienced animal lovers. Rosalind is experienced working in boarding kennels and catteries in Australia and New Zealand.


Rosalind volunteering at Brisbane’s Peninsula Animal Aid with Staffy cross Lunar.

Born and bred in Wingham, Kirralee Thorburn will return to the area to work at Wingham Pet Motel.

Rosalind volunteering at a 600-animal cattery and kennels on the Costa del Sol, Spain in 2013.

For the past two years, she has been Volunteer Development Coordinator, Vice President and Dog Enrichment coordinator at the Brisbane animal shelter, Peninsula Animal Aid (PAA). This year she established an enrichment programme to help elevate boredom and make the long-stay shelter dogs more adoptable. This programme was featured on TV’s Channel 9, on Federal Election night, September 2013!

She previously owned and operated an animal sanctuary on a farm on top of Matakana Mountain in rural New Zealand where she rescued and rehabilitated dogs, cats, goats and hens. She also owned and operated a pet friendly bed and breakfast in a coastal rainforest – which she considers quite similar to operating a pet motel!

Rosalind and Chris Darcy helped establish what is now one of New Zealand’s most popular kennels.

As editor, journalist and photographer on several dog and cat magazines, Rosalind has learned from some of the top animal behaviourists and trainers, using the latest research-based training methods. She will be putting this knowledge to good use at Wingham Pet Motel.

Born and bred in Wingham, Kirralee Thorburn has also been part of PAA’s Enrichment Team for the past year and is looking forward to going “home” to care for the Wingham Pet Motel animals.The team will be overseen by the Enrichment Supervisor, Hungarian Vizsla Boris Barcutan, who many say is one of the happiest dogs they have met. And with a charmed life like his, it’s no wonder!

Rosalind with Great Dane cross Thor at Peninsula Animal Aid.

Cute bunny: Boris is living proof of the exceptional care provided at Wingham Pet Motel.


“For the past 14 months I have volunteered under Ros who was the Canine Behaviour, Enrichment and Training Supervisor/Team Leader at a Queensland Animal Shelter. She is an inspiration and I have learnt so much from her. Our dogs’ lives have been enhanced through her dedication and experience”. 
– C. Railton, Queensland Police Officer and Golden Retriever owner.

“You probably won’t meet many persons who love animals as much as Rosalind does. The way she treats and cares for her animals is amazing and I hope she will always carry on with it.” 
– Johannes Hind, dog lover, Germany.

“I have known Rosalind for more than 10 years. During that time have seen the wonderful care she unreservedly gives to animals. They are treated as members of her family – and her devotion is exceptional. She has also been a volunteer for several years at Auckland animal rescue shelters and personally involved in several rescues. There is no doubt for me that Rosalind is the most wonderful person to care for your pet as she has done for mine.”
– Kate Mora, West Highland White Terrier owner,
The Ferns Chalet, Titirangi – Auckland