Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for your pet’s stay

What should I bring for my pet?

Your pet will appreciate a throwaway item (such as a T-shirt or nightie) with your scent on it. We provide hygienic and cosy beds and bedding including cuddly blankets and a wide variety of toys.If you wish to have your items returned, they need to be clearly labelled. We cannot guarantee the return of items or their condition on checkout.

I feel bad about leaving my pet so can I feed my pet or give them some treats before they arrive?

Please don’t! In fact, best you don’t feed your pet at all the morning that they check in! This way, we can use our food & tasty treats to make friends with your pet.Also travelling in the car on a full stomach isn’t a good idea! If you’d like to send your pet off with some goodies, label the packet and hand it to us and we will be sure to put it in our treat bags and reward your pet with the tasty morsels.

Can my pet check in during your afternoon hours if they haven’t stayed before?

If you have a dog, no. That’s because we don’t want your dog to be unsettled by the time we need to tuck them up for the night. So when your dog arrives for the first time, we spend much of the morning bonding with your dog and meeting his or her needs, be it a game of fetch, some training, a swim or a scratched bum. Once dinner time has come and gone, your dog will be relaxed and content to settle in to kennel for the night.

Cats, we prefer them in the morning too however we will accept a cat at 4-5pm if you are unable to bring them during our morning check in.

Does my dog need a collar and ID?

If possible, yes but if your dog isn’t used to wearing a collar, there is no need for one so long as your dog is microchipped with your up to date contact details.

Does my cat need a collar?

No, we take off all cat collars on check in.

My pet has a cough/eye discharge/fleas – is that okay?

So long as you have a letter from your veterinarian giving clearance, that is fine. Otherwise, if your pet is showing any medical issues on check on, or if your pet has fleas, you will be asked to visit the local vet before your pet can be checked in.

Can I bring my pet’s own food?

You may bring your own food or enough to transition your pet onto ours, or provide enough for the entire duration of your pet’s stay. Please bring it in a plastic container with a scoop, labelled with pet’s name and required amount (ie half a scoop 2x per day). Wet food can be in individual labelled bags for freezing, or all in one container.

Will I get a discount if I bring my pet’s own food?

As we buy all our food wholesale and (while we don’t mind!) it is actually more work to give your pet their own special meal, so we can not offer a discount. Some kennels will actually charge more for dogs on a special diet, but we do not.

What food do you provide my pet?

We feed all our dogs with premium kibble (Usually Black Hawk) and supplement this with chicken or high quality roll.

Cats can graze on a range of premium kibble (Advance Multi Cat) and wet food is provided including chicken, beef and fish.

 Can I come outside of your hours?

No (with one exception). The front entrance gates close and lock outside of the above times as animals need to rest, just like we do, especially in the heat of the day. Our neighbours also like to know they have a few hours of peace and quiet during this scheduled time. Council gives us brownie points for this too.  If you arrive outside of hours, it will not only disturb us, our boarders, but also our neighbors. If you arrive early, there are lovely cafes and children’s playgrounds in Wingham where you can be entertained. Thank you for your understanding and for respecting our hours.

The only exception for this is if you are travelling more than 4 hours to get here (ie from Sydney or beyond), we can in some instances, extend our open hours a little for you – please apply in writing if you would like to request this but remember, if everyone on our database does this, that will equate to three requests per day – and we are only one couple trying to do the very best for your pets!

How do I pay?

Once you have filled in your booking enquiry and permissions form and once we have given you your total rate, at peak times we may give you a link from which you can pay. Please message us to let us know when this is complete. If you have not been asked to pay in advance, you can pay via efpos,Mastercard or Visa on check in, however the bank surcharge will be passed on to you – a savings or cheque account incurs a .25c fee, credit cards incur 1.75%. Or you can bring cash (we have change).

How are the number of days calculated?

Your pet’s rate is quoted per day so your pet can be checked in/collected any time of that day (within our hours) and your rate will be the same. Unlike an hotel where you pay to sleep, at most pet motels, you pay us to care for your dog during each they are here. So staying Saturday night means we will care for your dog for two days, Saturday and Sunday.

Can I get a discount if I collect my pet in the morning?

No, just like a hotel, we charge per 24 hour period per day. This also means your pet will still have their room when you’re held up on the highway or your plane/train is late when you return.

I have been held up, until what time can I pick up my pet?

8am-11am in the morning session and 4-6pm in the evening session, by prior arrangement only. If you are not here by 6pm, we will keep your pet safe until the next day and you can make arrangements to pick up during our morning or afternoon open times. You will be required to pay for the entire extra day – see how are the number of days calculated, above.

Why do you want to know exactly when we will drop off & pick up our pets?

Just like any professional, we like to make appointments and plan our day so our customers can avoid queues and so we can walk and swim the dogs when we are not expecting customers.

What is the best way to reach you?

Once you are a regular customer, the best way to book or amend bookings is by text on 0414 198857. We will always respond to your text and try to do this on the same day if you message us before 5pm. As we are a very small business, we don’t have a receptionist but will return calls once we have attended to the animals in our care and our customers. Sometimes this may take more than a day. If you need a quicker answer, please text or email us, thank you.

My pet is on medication, is that okay?

Yes, we can administer tablets and injections such as insulin. Prescribed medication must be  in the original vet or pharmacist packaging with spares. Tablets must be cut into the required size, ie halves or quarters. We do charge for the time it takes us to medicate your pet and chart it.

I am returning from holiday early, can I have a credit?

Sure, if it’s not at a peak period and if you let us know 48 hours prior to your amended pick up time.

Can I inspect your facility before boarding my pet?

Due to time constrains and our good reputation, we no longer do inspections however your pet is welcome to come for a morning or full day’s familiarisation which is the cost of a playday (see the playday section of the website).
You can also read our reviews, ask your vet, pet store or friends for their recommendations.

Why can’t I board my pet in May and October/November?

Because we now take annual leave during this time. We ensure it is always at a time that has no public or school holidays. If you need your pet boarded during this time, we suggest you go to our friends at  Forster Tuncurry Boarding Kennels and Cattery The rest of the year, you can be assured that Ros and or Mike will be here to care for precious pet.