Lake View Kennels

Accommodation for Medium & Large Dogs

Your large dog can step out of their own private kennel into an outdoor run overlooking the lake and our 100 acres.

With compatible friends in the neighbouring kennels, dogs sit in the sun or shade and watch newcomers arriving & all the nature activities of the lake.

Four times per day (first let out 7am) your dog will be taken to the lakeside parkland for individual fun, swims and leashed walks throughout our bush tracks.

Your dog will not have to mix with other dogs, we spend time with each individual dog so they are kept safe and happy. If your dog has been socialised and would like to play with other dogs, we can arrange for careful introductions and supervised playing in very small groups. As we do not want your dog to be injured, we would NEVER leave your pet unsupervised in a kennel or playing with other dogs that are not from their own family. We will not mix fighting breeds unless they have come through our socialisation programme or if we have video evidence of play styles with a variety of dogs.

Ideal for: Large dogs i.e. Kelpies, Border Collies, Cattle Dogs, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Staffies.
German Shepherd Dogs who have not been through our socialisation programme must come for a  familiarisation morning prior to boarding. This is because this breed does not cope well in kennels unless they have been introduced to them during their critical socialisation period (7-12 weeks of age).

Approximate Daily Rate

Approximate rate per day, increased depending on size, temperament and needs.

Med-large dogs $55-$70*
Large Private Garden $75-$85

Large Private Garden: Reactive dog? No problem! If your dog needs their own private space, choose a Large Private Garden where your dog won’t see another dog. 

* Discounts apply for more than one pet.
* As we treat all pets as individuals, we also quote on an individual basis. Your pet’s rate will be determined by breed, temperament, individual and medical needs (diabetic and epileptic dogs welcome) and time of year (peak, high or low season).
* Surcharges will be applied for peak holiday times and entire dogs.

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