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  • Terms and Conditions of Boarding

    1. By signing this form, you, the owner/guardian of the above pet(s), give permission for Wingham Pet Motel to care for your pet and to make all decisions about your pet during their stay.
    2. You give your permission for your vet(s) to release all information about your animal(s) to Wingham Pet Motel, now and in the future.
    3. While all precautions and care will be taken, you agree to pay for all veterinary & any other expenses (such as administering medication and transport to vets) incurred during boarding. In an emergency, we would take your dog to the nearest vet without notifying you or your emergency contacts. If medical intervention is required, you agree to permit our vet to perform the highest level of emergency veterinary care.
    4. Dogs must not have matted fur or knots and have appropriate grooming for their breed recently including short hair around feet and trimmed nails. Dogs must have proof of at least 90% effective tick/flea preventatives. You give us permission to administer tick or flea preventatives if necessary, & add this to your bill. Our costs for these and other extra services are posted in the office.
    5. Cats must be on regular Bravecto spot on flea and tick treatment. Any evidence of fleas on check in will require your cat to be placed in our quarantine which will incur additional fees.
    6. Payment is per day so your pet can be checked in/collected any time of that day (within our hours) and your rate will be the same. Payment is required on check in.
    7. We require all prescribed medication to be in the original vet or pharmacist packaging.
  • Failure to disclose your pet’s special requirements or behavioural issues on this form may result in an increased boarding rate and/or veterinary fees.
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