Meet & greet mornings


We are currently accepting new dogs but due to demand, we have these conditions:

Small dogs house dogs: minimum 3-day stay
Large dogs: minimum 5-day stay

Two or more dogs: we can reduce the minimum stay requirements 

Small dogs: minimum 6 day stay
Large dogs: 10-day stay


We know you’ll want your dog to be happy on their holiday.
However it’s often hard for adult dogs to adapt to any new place away from their familiar environment and especially away from their family.

While a few adult dogs will happily run in with barely a look back, unfortunately many dogs are quite anxious if they see their trusted family members walking away from them in a new place.

However with your help, a Meet & Greet will enable your dog to be gently transitioned to our new environment.
With one exception* (see below), we only accept dogs who are content and comfortable to stay with us. We have found the best way to do that is with our 1.5 hour familiarisation & assessment.


DROP OFF: 8.45 – 9.30am: You’ll come in with your dog, sit down, have a little chat and relax. This will help your furry friend to do the same. We will then gently encourage your dog to leave you and come with us. If they’ve skipped breakfast, we can make friends much more quickly with our tasty treats. Let us know on your form below if your dog has any food intolerances.

We’ll then do our best to keep your dog’s attention on having a great time depending on their motivations. It might be ball games, swimming in the heated poor or dam, meeting other human or furry friends, or just sitting on our lap on the sofa.

PICK UP: 10.45am just before our front gates close for the morning at 11am. We will then let you know if we believe we can meet your dog’s boarding needs and if so, the accommodation options and rates. To get an idea of prices, just scroll down on our home page.

MEET & GREET DAYS: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Please allow 2-3 weeks for an appointment if possible. Meet & Greets are not held during peak holiday times.

COST: $45 for small dogs (up to 12 kg), $50 for all other dogs. Discounts for more than one dog.

ON PICK UP: Once we have assessed your dog we will discuss the options we believe are best for your dog.

We will only board your pet if we believe they will be comfortable & content during their stay. This is why they call us ‘The happiest place on earth!’

If your pet has been through our early puppy socialisation programme or has been crate trained before 12 weeks of age, they are more likely to be able to adapt and enjoy boarding.

Boarding is not guaranteed until your dog has completed our Meet & Greet assessment.

No availability for dogs or cats during 

21st Oct -21st Nov 2024



**Dogs who have graduated from our Puppy Playschool programme and regularly board or attend playdays are not required to do Meet & Greet assessments if they have been to us within the past 6 months.