Preparing For Your Pet’s Holiday

You’re heaven scent, bedding & toys

Your pet will appreciate a throwaway item (such as a T-shirt or nightie) with your scent on it. We provide hygienic and cosy beds and bedding including cuddly blankets and a wide variety of toys.

If you wish to bring your pet’s bedding and toys please clearly label each item. We cannot guarantee the return of items or their condition on checkout.


We feed all our dogs with premium kibble and supplement this with a warm chicken hotpot with vegetables and Vegemite yum! We also have a variety of food on the menu depending on your dogs preference, from kangaroo meat to canned food and tasty dog roll.

Cats can graze on a range of premium kibble and wet food is provided including chicken, beef and fish.

You may bring your own food to transition your pet onto ours, or provide enough for the entire duration of your pet’s stay. However we can not offer a discount for this as we buy all our food wholesale and (while we don’t mind!) it is actually more work to give your pet their own special meal.

If you wish to do this bring your pet’s usual food, please clearly label your pet’s food in a container with your pet’s name and the quantity to give. If it is fresh or frozen food, please put the fresh food in labelled bags.


The front entrance gates close and lock outside of the above times so the animals & humans can go on walks, eat and rest. Kindly respect these hours. If you arrive early, there are cafes and playgrounds in Wingham.


Your pet’s rate is quoted per day so your pet can be checked in/collected any time of that day (within our hours) and your rate will be the same. This means we will hold your pet’s room if “life” happens and you check in late. You pets will also still have their room when you’re held up on the highway or your plane/train is late when you return.


If you wish to do a familiarisation with your dog, please click here.

Terms & Conditions

  • Dogs must have proof of at least 90% effective tick/flea preventatives. You give us permission to administer tick or flea preventatives if necessary, and we will add this to your bill.
  • Cats must be on regular Bravecto spot on flea and tick treatment. Any evidence of fleas on check in will require your cat to be placed in our quarantine which will incur additional fees.
  • Payment is per day so your pet can be checked in/collected any time of that day (within our hours) and your rate will be the same. Payment is required on check in.
  • We require all prescribed medication to be in the original vet or pharmacist packaging.
  • Failure to disclose your pet’s special requirements or behavioural issues on this form may result in an increased boarding rate and/or veterinary fees.

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