Puppies 7 – 12 Weeks

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Puppy Playschool is here to help you create friendly, well-mannered, well socialised dogs.


Manning Veterinary Hospital 43 Commerce St, Taree and Wingham Pet Motel


Sundays. Weekly for 6 weeks.

How much?

$35 per class or purchase 5 classes for the discounted rate of $150 (get yoru 6th class free)

* Dogs need to have their first vaccination one week prior to attending their first class.

Article on starting puppy school before vaccinations click here

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Puppy Playschool course content:

  • Lots of Puppy Play.  Short, gentle play sessions with your certified puppy trainer.
    • You will learn how to easily read your puppy’s body language to ensure safe & fear-free play.
  • Puppy Manners. You will learn how to prevent common puppy problems before they happen, including:
    • Biting & chewing
    • Toilet training
    • Jumping up
    • Pulling on lead
    • Independence training to help prevent separation anxiety
  • Health & Handling. We will help you prepare your puppy to be comfortable with:
    • Visits to the vets
    • Harness and collars
    • Grooming
    • Nail clipping
    • Medicating
  • Sights & Sounds. Your puppy will be gently exposed to new and varied objects, sounds & people & kids in a fun & positive way.