Puppy Play Time

Wingham Pet Motel Puppy Play Time

If your puppy is gently exposed to other pups up to 16 weeks of age, they are much more likely to become friendly, optimistic adults –imagine that!
The window of opportunity for socialising puppies is short and life is busy, so we are here to help you give your puppy all the experiences they need during this vital time.

Who can come?

Puppies who are 16 weeks or under


Sunday & Wednesday mornings Book here.

What can I expect on my pup’s first day?

Your pup will be carefully assessed and if ready to be mixed, we’ll match him or her with another nice, gentle dog. We won’t put your pup in situations they’re not comfortable and they’ll be mixed in very small groups for short, fun play sessions which may include a swim in the dam or the heated hydro-therapy pool.

What do I bring?

A hungry pup! Bring their breakfast in a takeaway container and we will be able to use their food to reinforce their positive experiences.

How much?

$40 per class or $35 per class when you purchase 6 coupons for $210. Coupons can also be used for 1:1 lessons and day boarding. Discounts for concession card holders.

What else should I know about Puppy Play Time?

Puppy Play Time is not intended to replace puppy schools – the more positive experiences your pup has early the better.

My dog is over 16 weeks – can they catch up on socialisation?

No. We do not offer playdates for dogs who have not started with us when they were in their critical sensitive socialisation period (under 12 weeks). However your dog is welcome to come for a morning’s Meet & Greet and if appropriate we can socialise your dog during this assessment.